About the Patient Participation Group

What is a Patient Participation Group?

A Patient Participation Group is a group of willing patients who interested in working with the practice staff and GPs to improve care, facilities and options within the practice.

There are two elements to the PPG, a Face to Face group, who are happy to attend PPG meetings and offer feedback and suggestions in the surgery. There is also the Virtual Group who work alongside the Face to Face group, however this group facilitates feedback and completes surveys through email.

Why join the Patient Participation Group?

Patient Participation Groups can bring significant benefits to practices, and the more patients that join, the better! For example, a PPG can:

  • Help reduce costs
  • Improve services
  • Help resources to be used more efficiently.

Being a member of the PPG will mean you will have a closer link with your doctor's surgery. It also looks good on your CV!

Who can join the Patient Participation Group?

Anyone can join the Patient Participation Group. You can join and leave at any time, and your personal information won’t be shared with any other member of the PPG. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or how much time you might have to dedicate to the PPG, any feedback/help is very much appreciated.

If you are happy to be part of this group please apply to join online.