What is the latest government guidence on shielding?

On the 4th July 2020 the government is planning to relex some restrictions that apply to those who are shielding.

This document will answer your questions and provide a clear breakdown of what to expect and what you can and cannot do over the next coming days and weeks. 

If you need to make an appointment

We have now moved to a telephone first appointment system. If you need to make an appointment please call the surgery and our reception team will book you a telephone consultation and you will receive a call back. If you need to be seen at the surgery your doctor will make these necessary arrangements.


If you need to request your repeat prescription or your prescription is delayed.

You can request your repeat medication by contacting your pharmacy or requesting your medication on Patient Access. Please only order what you need and when you need it. Please remember to allow 48 hours for the surgery to issue your medication request plus the time your pharmacy takes to dispense it, this can take upto 5 days at present. If your pharmacy is delayed in dispensing your medication you will need to contact them, unfortunately once we have issued your medication we are no longer able to assist from that point. 

TOP  TIP - Download the NHS App to request your medication & beat the telephone queues! You don't need to leave the house and its quick, simple and free to use! 


What to do if you need a Coronavirus Isolation Sick Note for your employer.

Understandably, we are receiving a high volume of calls requesting an isolation sick note for your employer because of coronavirus. 

If you are in need of an isolation sick note please click the link to take you to the NHS 111 Isolation Sick Note page. From there you can request what you need for your employer.

You do not need to phone the surgery to request this.


What to do if you think you should have had a NHS England High Risk shield letter.

The UK Government has now started sending letters to patients considered to be High Risk and to be isolated for 12 weeks. If you think you should've received one of these letters please contact the surgery and your doctor will be able to discuss this with you. 

If you need support, wellbeing advice or want to volunteer in your community.

We are all in this together, you are not alone & please do not be afraid to ask for help. 

People are rallying together to assist those who need local help and support or feel anxious.

Please contact Bristol Health Watch on 07944369180 who are available to talk to and help you.

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